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Angelwood Consulting - Intuitive Readings and Classes
  Karen Cornell
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"Readings" are personal private consultations using numerology and a conventional deck of cards (Not tarot cards, but the kind of cards you use to play solitaire!)
Numerology and cards work well together as numerology tells things in bigger blocks of time and shows such things as your strengths and weaknesses, major lessons and challenges in this life and in the current year, and your talents.
The cards focus on what is happening right now and for the next four or five months. They will address people, love, money, job and experiences affecting your life and will give you assistance in making decisions and finding direction. The combination gives a more complete picture of current events and brings answers to you with amazing clarity and accuracy.

Scheduling Your Reading:
Readings in the Seattle area are by appointment only. Please call the office (206) 920-1073 to schedule your in-person or phone reading. Gift certificates are available.

$60.00 Half Hour
$80.00 3/4 Hour
$100.00 Full Hour