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My dear friend, Linda Ellenwood, in Port Angeles, WA did the wonderful logo for Angelwood. I thought you might like to know the significance of each of the animals as they represent all of the things we try to promote here at Angelwood Center.
The Deva: Angels of Nature
Our little angel appears in the middle of the animals with flowers and berries around her head and her hand on the head of the Mountain Lion. She brings her lovely energy and light of protection to the forest and all of it's inhabitants.
Deer: Gentleness and Innocence
Deer antlers represent a connection to a higher form of attunement. Deer says to pay attention to your inner thoughts and perceptions, as they are more accurate than you think!
Bear: Strength and Power
Bear represents awakening the power of the unconscious and going within to find answers then bring them out in the open and apply them to life. The reward will be sweet as "honey"!
Cougar: Leadership and Asserting Oneself
Cougar teaches you how to come into your own power and how to take charge of your life most effectively. He says there are times to be gentle and times to be forceful. Make choices clearly and strongly and jump at opportunities.
Wolf: Family, Loyalty and Freedom of Spirit
Wolf teaches respect and honor for family and children. He teaches you how to develop strength and self-confidence and to understand that true freedom requires discipline.
Owl: Wisdom, Vision and Prophecy
Owl teaches us to see and hear what is hidden, even within ourselves. He teaches us to be silent and go within in order to hear the voice of wisdom. He represents a sixth sense of intuition and vision.
Hummingbird: Joy and Love (nectar) of Life
"Humming" restores health and balance and Hummingbird reminds us to do this. She helps us to find joy and sweetness in any situation. She is symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible.
Bee: Fertility and the Honey of Life
As with Hummingbird, the Bee is a symbol for accomplishing the impossible. Bee teaches us to be more productive but also to take time to enjoy the honey of life. He reminds us that no matter how great the dream, there is promise of fulfillment if we pursue it!
Butterfly: Transformation and Joy
Butterfly represents change in your life. She also reminds us not to take things so seriously in life. All change is good even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment. Transformation does not have to be traumatic. You can make it as gentle, sweet and joyful as you wish.